Where you belong?

Key question

How do you profile yourself Above the Masses?

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Don't be a Gray Mouse.

STEP 1 // The basics

You have a great product? You provide top-notch service? Your customers are king(s)? These are necessary requirements to be allowed to move among the gray mice. Without this mindset, you will get nowhere. These are not assets or USPs.

STEP 2 // The distinctive character

Do you have a solid foundation? Then you can work on your image! Now it is important to optimally use the channels that are available. How do you reach your ultimate target group in a distinctive way? That’s what Swift is researching for you!

Which channels do you best deploy?

Experts have their say!

With Boven de Massa , we discuss which channels you use to best reach your target audience, and in what way.

To that end, we’ll let an expert speak for each channel!

The experts?

Stefan De Cuyper


Wini Symoens

Addressable TV

Anthony Kisters

Radio ads

Daniel Moereels

Web visibility

Lex Schroeder

Promotional Items


Print is not dead!

In this episode of Above the Masses, print expert Stefan De Cuyper tells us all about the place of print in your marketing story.

What do you find out?

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Advertise on TV?

With television you reach your target group at a relaxed moment, in the living room. Wini Symoens of DPG Media tells us in this episode of Boven de Massa how you can use television to target your specific audience.

What do you find out?


Deploy a radio spot?

Anthony Kisters of DPG Media knows all about radio spots and the reach you can achieve with them. In this episode, he tells us how to Get Above the Masses via radio!

What do you find out?

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The role of web?

All roads seem to lead to Rome. Almost every campaign, through whatever channel, eventually leads to a website. Daniel Moereels of Swift tells us in this episode how your website is the most important link in a campaign if you want to profile yourself Above the Masses.

What do you find out?


Promotional items, corporate gifts & work wear.

In this episode of Above the Masses, Lex Schröer of L’Exsellent tells us how to use promotional items, corporate gifts and work clothes to cleverly get into the prospect’s living room!

What do you find out?

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Also rise above the Massa?

Let's take a look together at which tools are best for you to use!