Positive campaign to attract new teachers.

The job as a teacher too often gets negative media coverage in recent years. Moreover, this is true of education in general. However, it is a job with a lot of creativity, positivity and responsibility from which many teachers derive satisfaction. 

Together with the CKSA , the Central Catholic School Committee of Antwerp, we are therefore launching the initiative ‘Teachable‘ on legs via Together with a number of passionate teachers, CKSA offers a counterbalance through positive messages and highlights the assets of the job as a teacher.


From concept to evening news.

Campaign with 3 faces.

After a thorough casting with CKSA’s working group, we chose 3 top candidates to interview from the numerous passionate teachers. Hannah, Line and Oumar.  With a perfectly prepared script, we went to the respective CKSA schools to interview the 3 teacher-powerful individuals.

Video afspelen over Line
Video afspelen over Oumar
Video afspelen

Multimedia distribution

With this positive campaign, we intensively approached the national press (newspapers and television) and social media (both organically and through ads).

The result?

Mass distribution, a very notable positivity boost and attention from several news outlets.

This project may be continued.
Mission accomplished!

Mentions in the press

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