Always start from a measurable marketing objective

Always start from a measurable marketing objective

Know why you are going to use video before you start producing video. Ideally, as an organization, you have a set of marketing goals that you will achieve using various pillars. It is important to write down these pillars and channels for yourself and measure what you are scoring with.

Want to grab attention and use a powerful pillar to achieve your goals? Then use video.

The end determines the means

Depending on the objective you set, a different type of video is appropriate. To illustrate, we include some possible objectives and how we would achieve them using video marketing.

Goal // Mobilize more visitors physically to the store.

You set in with a corporate video tailored to your target audience, presenting a call to action with a unique matter at the end. Eg. Come to our showroom in January and get 10% off when you mention the code ‘SUPERDEAL’.

Goal // Create more brand awareness

Have an ad video recorded or a trailer edited that you can deploy on social media. Proper promotion of the video will ensure great exposure. You can also deploy a YouTube ad, which you make appear before certain videos. Depending on your business activity, an animated video can provide tremendous visibility. Definitely worth considering.

Goal // More visitors to the company website

Create a video in which you promote an action or valuable info on your website yourself. This can be done with a professional video but can be accomplished just as well with your smartphone. Be sure to end the video with a call to action. Also consider having a clickable button appear when the video ends.

Goal // Attract more workers

The era when job postings were static and textual is over. Video vacancies are contemporary and provide the visibility needed to find the right profile. Advantage of a video: you can put emotion into it and you can deliberately target your message to the persona you are looking for. An animated video is also often used as a job vacancy video because it allows you to explain processes clearly and does not require you to have a large business premises. Therefore, as an employer, you don’t have to be in front of the camera yourself.

Goal // Dominate the market with online visibility

Dominate implies mass creation. Play with the different video types, vary in setting and bring value.

Also use video strategically for your business?

These are just a few possibilities of goals you can start measuring and achieving with video. Do you have an objective but don’t know how best to approach it with video? Feel free to contact us to brainstorm.