5 reasons why starting a webshop is interesting for your business.

Sometimes it is impossible to physically open your store. Is it now a resurgent pandemic? Or a mandatory closing day? A sick branch manager? That will cost you the chance to sell and therefore turnover. With a web shop, you have the opportunity to be open to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you offer your offer – or part of it – online and build your website well, you will avoid sales dips due to unforeseen circumstances.

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The numbers say it all: we are shopping online more and more. A study by Eurostat shows that 79% of Belgian Internet users will have made online purchases by 2020. This puts our score higher than the European average (72%). Even 50% of Belgian seniors buy online, so it’s not just the young who are “sold”. Not totally unexpected figures of course, because more and more people buy online and more and more entrepreneurs understand the benefits of an online shop. Are you considering starting a webshop? Below we list the 5 main reasons at why you should start a webshop.

1 // Your shop is always open

With a webshop you are always open for business. It is not only nice for you, but also for your customer, who no longer has to leave his house to purchase a product or service. Moreover, in this way you compete against the big online giants, such as amazon, bol.com or coolblue, but you have the chance to play your family character as a trump card!

2 // You need little physical space

Even from your living room you can start a webshop, so to speak. You don’t have to have a physical store to start with it. So it can be a convenient additional channel for you, because you don’t have to look for an extra building or extra space and can still receive infinite additional customers.

3 // More and more money is being spent online

In 2020, the average Belgian online spend was 1193 euros, according to the Belgian trade association BeCommerce. This amount continues to rise, given the increasing security perception and usability of online shops.

“With a better sense of security through better usability, customers will spend more and more online.

4 // You have a much greater reach with your store

Your physical store can only help a certain amount of people at a time. Your webshop doesn’t. Even after hours – at midnight – there are no limits on the number of visitors. In addition, you also reach an audience outside your own street or community more easily. With the right targeted ads, you are basically reaching an audience all over the world.

5 // A web shop doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive

Do you sell 2 products or 500,000? A web shop is feasible in both cases. We build webshops in wordpress using (the best and safest) tools available so that your investment remains limited. Together we build the web shop so that your time investment remains as low as possible.

Be sure to check out these testimonials from Swift customers who are proud owners of a thriving online store!

Alexander Schroeder from Workwear

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Jef Desender of Butchery Jef

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Ready to take the plunge?

Do you want to create a webshop? Do not hesitate any longer and contact Swift! We are super happy to help you out.

Kristof Geudens from Garvis

Kristof Geudens from Garvis

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