As an entrepreneur, how can you manage your own social media?

Social media are indispensable to any business today. It is your signboard, your online shop window where you can showcase your achievements, products and promos without hesitation. Nobody knows your company better than you. Also, you have a unique style that only you understand and can apply. So stay in control yourself and make quick time for socials in between solid work days. But what if you’re too busy? Then social media channels continue to drop down the priority list. Externals read by the frequency of social media posts how busy you are. That’s a shame! Social media should be a consistent process and certainly not a time waster for the business owner.

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What if you took the step of outsourcing the creation and planning of your social media posts to an external partner? A party (like Swift) where you can bring in a whole team, from copywriter to graphic designer to social media expert. Worth considering!

Managing does not mean executing yourself

In our collaborations with entrepreneurs, we find that there is often a healthy need for control. This is normal, your business is your “baby” and you want to come out the way you want to. You don’t have to let go of that at all either. We choose to listen to your needs and work with them. You retain control of social media posts. Basically, a post never appears without you having a chance to review it and provide feedback. But it also doesn’t have to be. You give input as much as you want. But whether your schedule allows it or not, on a consistent basis, beautiful posts will no doubt appear on your channels.

Your own social media team for the price of half an employee

An internal employee can be super interesting for your social media, because you can “mold” this person into an internal omnivore who can create the perfect posts from the knowledge of the company. There is, however, a large but:

By choosing an external party, such as Swift, you have a separate expert available for each subdomain (video, animation, graphic design, copywriting, YouTube marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.). Your regular contact person communicates with you, so you still need to communicate with 1 person, but for the price of half an employee you have skills that 1 person cannot possibly master all.

In addition, you can expect an outside party to be up to date on the latest trends and techniques. In the case of an internal employee, this is also possible if you provide your own training. But who creates the social media posts during that training? 🙂

“With an outside party, you can count on a separate expert for each sub-domain, such as video, animation, copywriting, graphic design,…

You can address important issues

You are an entrepreneur within your company, with a super gift for doing what you do. Social media is not your most important job, but an operational time-sucker that is absolutely not worth your time. Make sure your social media supports your business. Let it go as much as possible, but don’t underestimate the importance.

How do we use Swift to manage your social media?

Step 1 // We get to know your company through and through

It is impossible to do good marketing without knowing your business. We provide a strategic session to get to know your mission, your industry, your usp’s and your customers perfectly. Thanks to an analysis of your competitors, we identify the trends so that we can make targeted proposals to you.

Step 2 // Planning for the next month

After we find your communication and graphic style, we get to work with all our team to create your posts in an efficient way. Your regular contact within Swift will keep you informed of progress. As soon as the next month is scheduled, you will be notified. At any time, you can see what is planned, pass on ideas or provide feedback. We always work a month in advance, but there is still room for dynamic posts that need to be posted shortly.

Step 3 // Quarterly Meetings

Your social media has a purpose. We determine this at the start of the campaign in Step 1. For example, your focus for the next month could be on attracting new workers, or on selling specific time-bound items. At a quarterly meeting, we review the results and determine a new focus.

All of this is done with a pre-agreed set of hours (a flex collaboration). So you know in advance what your own input and output will be. Bright, clear.

Be sure to check out these testimonials from Swift clients who we take care of their social media:

Alexander Schroër of L’exsellent

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Want to outsource your social media management too?

Do you also want your social media managed by a team of creatives? We are full of eagerness and ideas waiting for your call.

Kristof Geudens from Garvis

Kristof Geudens from Garvis

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