Content marketing: how to do marketing anno 2021

Content marketing cannot be imagined away. Millions of people like you and me, surf the Internet daily, looking for the right information. We decide for ourselves what is interesting and what is not. Reaching your target audience just when they need you is the ideal way to grow your business. And that’s content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is reaching your target audience through free videos, photos, videos, texts in the form of e-books or white papers, podcasts, etc. You give away content that is not directly linked to your products or services. By giving away this added value, you create a certain bond with your target audience. So unlike cold calling, where you “harass” people by calling them on a daily basis, a sales call or a commercial, with content marketing you are going to do the opposite. You provide relevant information, at the right time, in the right place, to the right audience. Your target audience appreciates this form of marketing. They appreciate you doing this for them. And for that you will be rewarded after a longer period of time!

How do you go about it?

Know your target market! Who are they? What do they want to read or hear? And where are they active?

Create content based on the buyers journey. The buyers journey is the journey your potential customer experiences, from the beginning until he actually buys. Once you map out the buyers journey and thereby uncover your buyer persona (your ideal customer), you can get to work.

The buyers journey

This buyer’s journey has three phases in which your potential customer finds himself.

1 // Awareness phase
Your potential customer is experiencing a specific problem but cannot name it at this stage. In the awareness phase, he looks for clarification of the problem. Buying? At this stage? No not yet!

2 // Consideration phase
In the consideration phase, the problem is clearly identified. This phase involves researching methods or solutions to address the problem. This is where your company and your product or service should be one of the solutions!

3 // Decision phase
Your potential customer knows how he is going to address the problem. He makes a list of everyone with the same solution. From there, he goes to see, who gives him the best feeling and then makes the decision to buy.

Why is content marketing so important?

If you have mastered the goal, you suddenly know how important content marketing is. The goal is to attract potential customers. The idea is to entice them and lead them to the next step using a call-to-action button. Are they not doing what you want them to do? Then it’s still no excuse not to get started with content marketing. Because if your target audience encounters you continuously, you will be seen as an expert.

And who would you rather buy from? Someone you don’t know, have never heard of and don’t know what they do? Or with someone of whom you have seen something pass through regularly, where you have the feeling that you have known them for years and where you really know that they do good work? Your choice is really clear. You don’t need to think about it any further 😉 .

Additional benefits of content marketing

Besides the biggest benefit of creating familiarity and making them buy from you faster, your ranking in Google is also going to improve. With a blog page, or with a social media post where you link to your website, visitors will get to your website faster.

And many visitors? That’s what Google loves. With the blogs you have in there, your visitors (at least if they are good blogs) are going to stay on your website for 2-3 minutes. And let that also be something that Google takes into account when it has to decide who gets higher in the search results, you or your competitor.

More visitors = more leads = more customers!

Hey! Don’t wait too long. Time is money!

Receive the best content strategy tailored to your needs immediately

At Swift, we create a plan tailored to your business. Content marketing is so important, so there’s no time to waste! Be sure to contact us and we’ll take you through this wonderful world of content.

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