Generate leads with a blog page

Generating leads sounds interesting doesn’t it? It is. With content marketing, you’re going to put your business in the spotlight in a variety of ways. In this way, you’re going to generate leads that will then lead to customers. You don’t expect it, but a simple blog page on your website is already creating a miracle. As soon as you figure out the strategy, get right to work, okay?

Generate leads with content marketing?

Content marketing is the distribution of content such as: photos, videos, e-books, blogs, etc. You turn your expertise, your business and all the facts into content. In this way, they get to know you, see you as an expert, and then start buying. You also prefer to buy from someone who knows about it, right?

Obviously, after your first blog, you won’t generate dozens of leads in 1-2-3. You have to keep at it and your blogs have to be visible. A visitor becomes a lead after a certain action. Your visitor becomes a lead when he takes a certain action. For example: signing up for weekly blogs, requesting a quote or contacting you. From then on, you have all the strings in your own hands. The idea is to get your visitors to subscribe to weekly blogs. That way, they are constantly kept up to date with what you have to say.

How will my blog page be visible?

Let me explain! Every week you write about possible solutions that your target audience can make good use of. Or you can keep it purely informative. Just make sure your target audience finds it interesting. So doing research in advance is definitely not a bad idea. After you publish some blogs, they also need to be read. So a little more patience for sure?

Patience? Are you crazy! You can’t just wait for your leads to flow in huh! Start spreading your content across all social media channels. And another additional tip: make your blog SEO-friendly.

“A CTA causes a visitor to take a certain action.”

How can they enroll?

You write your blog and at the bottom you provide each blog with a call to action or CTA. A CTA causes a visitor to take a specific action. Remember? A visitor with a certain action becomes a lead. A blog that ends with a period is worthless! Get your visitor to subscribe to your weekly tips by redirecting them to a separate page where they must fill in their information. In return, they get valuable content from you.

Why are these leads really hot leads?

Did they sign up? Then you’re dealing with hot leads! Every week they get the best tips from your company. They’re not going to forget you in a hurry. And when they do… they are also quickly remembered. Because the week after, you’ll be back!

If they ever need you? Then they know how to find you first. After all, they chose to stay informed on a weekly basis. And if they didn’t find it interesting, they would have already unsubscribed. That’s exactly why your mailing list contains hot leads!

Your lead will eventually become a customer

Point blank, you actually wanted to search for “get more customers.” But you found it a little too direct and probably didn’t think you’d find anything concrete or you thought it was a stupid question. But in the end, you just read how to get more customers now too 😉 .

A lead who has been kept well warm and spawned weekly with free content is not going to hesitate long to buy from you. Why would he look for your competitor at all?

Hey! You’re here too? Not a coincidence huh! We also participate in such a blog page hear. So…. Generating leads in a non-disruptive way, sounds interesting right?

Ready for your hot leads?

You’re probably thinking right now, “Yes, I need a blog page! But how do I start this?” Swift gives you advice on how to start and maintain your blog page so you can keep your customers interested. We’ll look into it with you, so be sure to get in touch!

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