Generating leads with social media

Generate leads with social media? Yes, what else would you expect? Everything is about social media. Not only the funny cat videos that you see passing by on your timeline every day are a big success, but also the posts with tips or what it’s like behind the scenes at your place have a certain success. A success that leads to more leads.

Generating leads with social media starts with knowing your target audience!

As a business, you need to be active where your target audience is. And since people are scrolling through various social media channels on a daily basis, chances are your target audience is here.

Generate leads with Facebook!

Post relevant content

Build a relationship with your potential customer, by posting content that is interesting to them. Content that interests, captivates and triggers them. But it doesn’t stop there… Generating leads with social media is done through posts that entertain and provide value. So much value, they would pay for it. This is the only way to achieve great success from Facebook marketing.

What should you post?

  • Funny events within your company
  • New colleagues
  • An employee’s birthday
  • An achieved target
  • Who works behind the scenes?
  • Tips and tricks from your own expertise

Make an advertisement of your best posts

Posting and continuing to post, is often also waiting and waiting a long time. Which doesn’t mean it’s not successful, but it doesn’t happen in 1-2-3. Therefore, create ads for your best posts. You can reach thousands of people for a limited budget.

But which posts are your best posts now? The posts that are already doing well without an ad, that’s them! You can tailor the ads perfectly to a particular type of target audience. You can indicate a certain age, region, interest, … you name it.

A combination of the right content with a specific target audience, makes for a grandiose success!

The importance of Instagram?

Not only Facebook is doing well, Instagram is also one of the most popular social media channels since the last few years. Instagram is popular between the ages of 15 and 30. I’m not saying that older than 30 don’t care about Instagram, but is your target audience between these ages? Then posting on Instagram is what you need to do!

What should I post?

What to post can be mirrored from the paragraph above under “what to post on Facebook. You can duplicate your Facebook posts to Instagram. You put effort into one post and can always post it twice. This is because playful, creative and fun just can on these two platforms. So why make different posts?

How do I use Instagram?

You can post photos or videos, you can publish a story (it stays available for 24 hours after that it goes away) and you can go live! With the photos and videos you publish on your profile, you can add “hashtags” (#). This ensures that your post becomes findable with every word you have provided with a hashtag.

“For example: #love – Your post will show up when someone enters this hashtag on Instagram. That’s how you get more reach!”

For example, a story on your profile might be asking your potential customer a question, requiring them to indicate their opinion. Or you make a video telling something… And going live, you do that when you are somewhere, which is not everyday. But you can always put your own spin on it. I could go on for hours, but just discover it for yourself!

Who knows, maybe LinkedIn is the key to your success!

LinkedIn, also called the business Facebook. LinkedIn is a platform where business connections take place. Generating leads with social media can be done by anyone. B2B or B2C. But do you work B2B? Just stop looking! Create your LinkedIn profile quickly! LinkedIn is a must-have in the B2B industry. Experience it for yourself.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where everything is fun and lighthearted, LinkedIn goes the other way. It’s best not to post too much here. Keep it businesslike and share mainly tips and tricks with occasional interesting posts about what’s going on in your company.

Social media has quite a lot to offer doesn’t it? You would post for less on Facebook. If they watch falling cats, why not your entertaining posts?

Keep those leads coming via social media!

Discover how to use social media marketing within your business to achieve success in no time. Swift wants to be your partner for this. Check out all our options or contact us to suggest a customized plan for your business.

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