How audio in videos supports emotions

Bonnie and Clyde – Batman and Robin – Romeo and Juliet? Video and Audio! Many videos lose tremendous value because the audio leaves something to be desired. Shame!

Visual stimuli are hugely important

Weighing words, we all do. The message prevails – we agree. But give enough thought to the different stimuli you send out as a video creator. Still, let us first consider visual stimuli that you may forget.

Ready, set, smile - record!

Make a good (crucial) first impression!

A trick from the old days. Put yourself in the right state before shooting a video. Make sure you are not in a time crunch when you go or get a video canned. Find a comfortable position. Choose the expert role if you don’t like looking into the lens (see essential 3).

In real life, you only have 1 first impression. This is also true when someone sees you for the first time through a video. Are you having an interview conducted? Or are you introducing your business yourself in a video? Put on a smile and only then count down. It seems crazy, but that’s what makes the difference.

Choose a controllable background

It goes without saying, but pay attention to the details! Don’t choose an environment that is too clean, but a real environment in your company, preferably with movement in the background (as long as it doesn’t distract).

But. (Ridiculously large but)

Be sure to control the background. A crazy employee not following safety rules, or an unsanitary scene in the background can hurt your business!

Mime different emotions

Auditory stimuli make all the difference!

The greatest persuasive power of video lies in the emotions you can stir in the viewer. By choosing the right music and sound effects, you will succeed much easier.

Connect by emoting

If you manage to emotionalize the viewer and thus leave them with the right feeling, then you have a much better chance of achieving your objective. The main triggers for stepping into action are (as mentioned earlier) away from pain or toward pleasure. Both stimulators are emotion-related. So, if you can depict the prospect’s future reality while inducing a sense of happiness in the prospect, or highlight the current “painful” situation with a sad feeling, you are well on your way. Don’t overdo it, as it can backfire.

The power of audio

Have you ever seen an exciting thriller without sound? Then you will understand the power of audio. Not only in this extreme example but also in corporate films and animated videos, the audio makes all the difference. You set an atmosphere that you can’t achieve with visual stimuli alone.

In this video, the menacing music of a horror scene was replaced with the music of Spongebob. Judge for yourself 😉

Are you also looking for the right audio for your video?

Audio and video are the ideal combination, but they need to be put together with attention. No idea how to get started on that? With Swift, we bring out the purpose of your company or product, with the right feel for the prospect. Like to talk? Contact us below!

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