Make maximum impact by using the right style

It is a mistake to choose style over message and target audience. Visually-minded people are often too quick to focus on the style they like so they forget to consider whether it will achieve the purpose of the video. We distinguish several styles, each of which has its pluses and limitations. Make the following considerations during the selection process.

Animation for complex messages

Sometimes the message embedded in a video is insanely complicated. The entire production flow or operation of a company is explained, or calculations are involved. In that case, absolutely choose a video style that supports and even reinforces the message. Using an animated video often provides the solution there.

On the one hand, you can show in an animated video anything that is difficult to film. On the other hand, you can efficiently clarify the message by showing supporting visuals and words. You can also add a voiceover to an animated video, which is perfectly tailored to get the message across.

Or: use supporting materials

Still want to use a different style but your message is very complicated? Then be sure to use supporting material that you can discuss during the video. Let the viewer watch you make a calculation, or take the viewer virtually into your production process using visual material.

“Sometimes your company’s message is quite complicated. Using an animated video can provide a solution for that.”

Friend vs. expert

When you have a person say something in front of the camera, you have the choice of having that person look into the camera or next to the camera. It seems like a small nuance, but it’s a world of difference to the viewer. When someone looks straight into the lens, they are looking straight into the viewer’s eyes. As a result, he / she is seen as more accessible and equal. If the speaker looks next to the camera, it looks as if that person is being interviewed. In this case, the viewer perceives the speaker as an expert.

Handy tool for less fluent speakers

Looking next to the camera can really pay off. Sometimes business leaders come across as uncertain when looking straight into the lens. In that case, it may be better to deliberately look next to the lens and fixate on 1 point at eye level to feign an interview.

If necessary, you can jot down stake words at that point as a reminder that you can read off during the recording.

When to choose an animated video?

  • You want a modern, hip look;
  • You need an efficient clarification of your message;
  • You want the video to fit perfectly into your corporate identity or work a lot with color;
  • You need to portray things that are difficult to film;
  • You want to be in full control of the message;
  • You’re not a crack at speaking on camera;
  • As an entrepreneur, you don’t have time for recordings.

When do you choose live video?

  • You want to show things as they are and portray reality;
  • You bring a snapshot into focus (e.g., an event);
  • You want to establish a personal connection with the viewer;
  • You want to raise your profile as an entrepreneur;
  • You are a crack at speaking on camera;
  • You want to portray testimonials and get customers to convince new prospects;
  • You want to play short on the ball and get results quickly.

Beware... Sometimes the magic is in the deviation

Sometimes it makes more sense to break with rules, to stand out harder. For inspiration, recently we recorded “testimonials” from our animation actors. Not done, of course. Testimonials lose credibility if they are not recorded with live video. But it gives a playful effect 😉 .

What is the right style for your video?

Not quite sure what the style is for your company’s future video? No problem! We will work with you to see what the best style is and how it will be worked out. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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