Stop damaging your website's reputation

As a business, of course we all want to be found on Google as quickly as possible . However, some people use questionable tricks to do this. This can have the opposite effect and damage your website’s reputation. It can cause your Google ranking to be lowered or even worse, cause you to not be found on Google at all. So that’s why I’m giving you a tip right now. Stop damaging your website’s reputation!

It’s not a good tactic to use if you want, at all costs, more visitors to your web page. As such, this article is meant as a warning to protect you from companies who are urging you to use these “dirty” tricks. It might make sure you get more views in the short run, but in the long run you’re better off not doing it.

1 // Double content

(Spam) sites sometimes try to collect more page views by copying the same content on multiple pages. This does not mean that you cannot use the same header and footer. It is mainly about systematically copying entire pages with minor modifications here and there.

Do not copy and paste large amounts of text from your own pages, and certainly do not violate copyrights by copying content from elsewhere. Google may ban your site or lower it in search results if you duplicate too much content. If you are a victim of copyright infringement yourself, you can notify Google.

2 // Don't include keywords that aren't related to your content

Meta keywords are not as important to Google as they used to be. However, when you list keywords, use a list of keywords that directly relate to your site and content and don’t repeat the same keyword over and over again. For example, you may choose to list every word in the dictionary as a keyword. This, of course, is “not done.” Unless you really don’t want to be found on Google anymore. Also, don’t use the brand names of products made by your competitors. This may in fact cause you to be sued.

3 // A robot that writes your text

It’s a bad idea to duplicate content, and it’s an even worse idea to have amachine to ask them to write content for you. There are programs that will look up the content of other sites and duplicate that same content, with a slight modification here and there, of course. If Google catches you, you can probably kiss your page views goodbye. However, Google is not bad at detecting such things. Write your own content. Also, definitely don’t be tempted to buy from “instant AdSense” websites. AdSense sites are web pages created specifically around AdSense keywords. These are often poor quality sites with little or no original content. The goal here is to create content that is aligned with well-paying AdSense keywords.

4 // Exchanging links

If someone links to you, you are not required to link back to them. In fact, you are judged by the quality of your friends on the Internet. Always link to reliable partners and certainly not to spam sites. If you link to it, it can drastically lower your ranking. Paid link placement and other ways to manipulate your page ranking are too risky to execute. You can get away with it for a while, but eventually Google will step in.

5 // Cloaking

Cloack is the English word for cloak. With cloacking, you pretend to be something other than what you actually are. You can design your website in such a way that the search engines see one particular version of your site, but the visitors get to see something completely different.

This is done by redirection or by programming. This, of course, is highly inadvisable. No one likes to be misled in this way. If you’re looking for a website about cars, you don’t want to end up on a site about goldfish. Often cloacking is also used to trick you. For example, you get to see advertising messages, instead of the info you had in mind.

6 // Viruses, Trojans and other malware

We assume that you would not voluntarily implement these things on your website. This is usually a result of hacking and is much more common than you might think. However, if your website is spreading a Trojan, virus or other malware, Google will remove you from their search results. They do this to protect other users. Always check that the software you want to distribute is not harmful. Also, make sure your server is properly secured. This way, hackers cannot decide to hijack your website with the aim of spreading malicious software.

If you have been hacked you can contact Swift. We will make sure your website is findable again on Google and that the malware is detected and removed. We also do everything we can preventively to fully secure your website. For this you can visit our hosting packages page.

7 // Hidden text

Do not try to hide keywords by making the background color the same as the font color. This is called fontmatching. It’s an old trick and it hasn’t worked for years. Google and other search engines are sophisticated enough to detect this. Also pay attention to how small you make your text. As a variation on keyword stuffing, some people try to increase their keyword count by putting a tiny text at the bottom of a page. It serves no purpose at all and only makes your website start to look like a spam website.

8 // Title stacking

Title stacking or title piling is yet another old-school trick. One way people did title stacking was by using extra tags to try to add more keywords. The new way people are trying to accomplish this is by adding titles with slashes and stacking key phrases. This kind of title system used to be highly recommended for good SEO. If you use it now, it will probably lower your website’s ranking on the search engines.

Need help with improving your SEO, don’t hesitate to contact us .

You are better off coming up with a clever catchy title, rather than using it as a way to generate additional keywords. Write your titles for the people who would read it and not for search engines.

9 // Automated analyses

Google does not appreciate robots writing your content and they are even less grateful for robots checking your ranking. Automated Google searches and automated link submission both violate Google’s terms of service and both can cause your website to be banned.

Our decision

Optimize your SEO by designing a clear and well-organized site. Which is written for humans and not for machines and robots. Also, don’t put your trust in a company that promises an exponential increase in your visitor numbers. Often these are companies that use the above techniques to boost your SEO. Increase your visitor numbers by writing original content. But most of all, try not to mislead people. Honest always lasts the longest….

Do you want your website to rank higher in the right way?

Use the right actions to get your visitor numbers up and generate more leads. Need a helping hand to guide you through this process? Be sure to contact us!

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