Swift doesn't give viruses a chance

Viruses are not only a threat in real life, but also online. At Swift, we therefore invest heavily in cybersecurity and don’t give online viruses and hackers a chance. No doubt we all get the coronavirus small, for the online viruses we recently count on a number of new tools.

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Why is online security so important?

Why securing your website is important? Because it is often one of the gateways to your business and confidential information. In addition, a webshop, for example, has become crucial to many companies’ operations and is responsible for a great deal of turnover. You don’t want it to be crippled or infected by malware, do you?

Through your website you probably collect data about your customers, just think of filling out a contact form. This is personal data, so you are required to secure it properly. For hackers, they contain valuable information that can be misused. Furthermore, a virus can also cripple your entire company, just think of some recent cases that have made extensive headlines. Then the hackers demand a ransom or run off with important data. Malware and viruses can therefore cost you quite a bit of money and revenue. If you have a poorly maintained website that is not up to date, know that you are an easy victim

Swift provides 6-layer security

At Swift, we take cybersecurity, malware and viruses extremely seriously. It goes without saying that all of our website have a secure SSL certificate, but that is only a first step.

We protect your website at the server level and we tackle that in 6 steps. Thus, you can count on:

A malware scanner that runs 24/7 and also cleans up malware immediately if necessary.

Detection and prevention of burglary attempts.

A WAF (Web Application Firewall) that erects a wall, as it were, in front of your website and ensures optimal security. In addition, this firewall features machine learning which makes it provide better and better protection.

A proactive protection of your PHP.

Software Patch Management. We make sure your software, tools and website are always up to date. This is how we close security gaps and give intrusion attempts no chance.

We continuously analyze the changes in the reputation of your website, so we can intervene on time when necessary.

You see, at Swift, we overwhelmingly consider a well-secured website a priority. We therefore continue to invest in the necessary tools to ensure a secure environment and worry-free operation for our customers.

Affected by malware?

Have you been hit by malware as an enterprise and are you at a loss for words? If so, we at Swift can undoubtedly provide a solution. We can clean up the necessary malware and ensure a virus-free environment. In these corona times, no doubt that sounds like music to your ears.

Want to know more about our cybersecurity approach?

Do you want more technical info about how we secure our websites or do you need a beautifully designed website with the perfect security? If so, be sure to give us a call. We’re happy to explain everything in detail and make sure hackers and viruses don’t stand a chance. On Swift you can trust.

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