The value of a professional logo

A logo is hugely important to your business. Coca-Cola, Audi, Telenet, Nike… just think of some of the big brands and I’m almost certain you can immediately bring their logo to mind. The main role of a logo, is to give your company or activity its own identity. In this article, we explain more about the relevance and usefulness of a strong logo.

1 // Create a good impression

There is so much competition these days that you hardly get a chance to present yourself to the outside world. A strong logo can make you stand out from the rest and give you just that edge over your competition.

The Internet makes it tremendously easy for potential customers to compare different brands. Therefore, you don’t want to see future customers pass you by. This is more likely to happen if your logo appears amateurish. The first tip we would definitely like to share here is to have your design created by a professional. After all, there is nothing more expensive than a cheap design.

A professional look instills confidence in your customer. It is therefore important that you do not take any chances with your logo choice.

“There is nothing as expensive as a cheap design.”

2 // Distinguish yourself from the competition

There are symbols that are directly associated with certain industries or products. For example, consider an Italian restaurant whose logo is an Italian chef with a big long mustache and a white chef’s hat or a butcher whose logo is a beef. This ensures that your customers know immediately What your logo and your company stands for. Clarity is important to customers.

Be careful though: a logo should not be too typical. If you want to stand out from your competition you may choose to be a little more creative. It is best to choose a logo that combines authenticity and originality.

3 // Communicate your brand's values

Although the primary purpose of your logo is to give your company or brand an identity, it can also be used to convey your brand’s message and values.An example of this is the logo of Carrefour. Carrefour is the French for “crossroads,” the Carrefour logo has two arrows on, both the left and right sides. Hidden between the two is the letter ‘C’. The arrows within the logo highlight the name of the brand, literally creating a crossroads. It also fits with the company’s philosophy of being a crossroads for different products and services.

logo carrefour

4 // Essential to building your brand

There are so many ways to build your brand or brand. But a good logo is the basis of this. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, website, lettering, flags, social media; newsletters, interior design. There are dozens of things you can think about.

5 // You'll find it everywhere

Your logo can be used to carry on your corporate identity. It’s a way to advertise your brand and message, whether in-store, in customers’ homes or online. Once you have developed your brand and successfully linked it to your logo, everything you do and make will be associated with the logo and brand. So a logo is essential for branding your business. Logos are a necessary component for creating a corporate identity. It is also often the first step toward potential customers. The logo is one of the first things prospective customers come into contact with.

Some tips

In closing, we would like to share a few tips. You can reduce the cost of your logo, by thinking carefully about what you want yourself. In this way, you may already be able to prepare some sketches or bring examples to your meeting. Thus, the process will be smoother. It is also important that you are on the same wavelength with your designer. The smoother the communication with your designer, the better the end result and the faster your logo will be finished. Also, listen to the advice of your designer. Honesty lasts the longest, choose a designer who will give you advice rather than just someone who will do the job. Therefore, a good designer will stop you if your logo is not adapted to your target audience.

Have your logo created?

Looking for a good designer who can both give advice and be a listening ear? Swift is your ideal partner in crime. Be sure to send us a message to discuss this all further!

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