Email marketing

Indispensable in your funnels.

Reaching your prospects and customers? You don’t just do that with social media and ads. An indispensable part of your online funnel is email marketing.

Well-written, valuable emails create recognition and credibility.

Email Marketing
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Why build email funnels?

Whether you are looking for new customers or want to provide adequate service to your existing customers, emails are always useful. At every stage of the customer journey, it is interesting to offer customized content.

"3 emails a day, is that okay?"


No matter how interesting your offer is, your prospects and customers would rather get 1 valuable email every week, than 7 contentless spam emails.  

So be careful with funnels that are too active and approach your target group too frequently. If you “spam” too often, you’ll end up on the blacklist in no time and you won’t make it to the Inbox. 

How to use email marketing successfully?

When we bet on email marketing, we always proceed as follows:


Strategic plan

During an initial conversation we sound out your company culture and where emails are in your customer journey. Based on the information we get from the strategic conversation, we get to work setting up the email campaign.

Strategisch Gesprek Bedrijfsvideo


Structure of the funnel

We visualize the entire funnel and fine-tune it to send out certain mails based on specific parameters and criteria. All this within your corporate identity and your communication style.


Sending out!

As soon as the whole funnel is on point, we start! We send out the mails according to plan and follow up on what the results are. If necessary, we make adjustments to maximize results.

Work out a plan together?