Offline marketing

Marketing beyond the web

Offline marketing should definitely not be underestimated. People today receive a tremendous amount of information online. Sometimes it’s so much that they don’t pay attention to anything. With offline marketing, you can start approaching your customers in a personal way and that is appreciated. So still keep in mind that the combination of online and offline campaigns gives the best results.

What does offline marketing mean?

There are several offline marketing forms you can use to reach your target audience. Think flyers, brochures, videos at trade shows, word-of-mouth advertising, a physical store, product packaging, advertising on buses or streetcars,…

There are endless opportunities to start reaching your customers offline.

You can start approaching a customer more specifically and consciously. You can also start using your online marketing at offline moments. For example, think about a company film you’ve had made to distribute online. You can play these offline at a trade show or at an event.


What are the benefits of offline marketing?

Combining online and offline marketing is the way to go, that’s clear. Yet there are some benefits specifically linked to offline marketing.

How to approach offline marketing?

When we engage in offline marketing, we always proceed as follows:


Strategic plan

During an initial meeting we sound out your company culture, your target audience and the specific goal you want to achieve with the offline marketing campaign.

Based on the information we get from the strategic conversation, we get to work setting up the offline campaigns. We determine which medium is best suited and how we are going to develop this net.

Strategisch Gesprek Bedrijfsvideo
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We work out the campaign in full. This includes everything from copywriting, graphic design, shooting, editing, mailings,… We check with you to see how the campaign fits in with the idea you had in mind.

And then we will launch the campaign.



After we’ve launched the campaign and combined it with online marketing if necessary, we’re going to review what we just accomplished with this campaign. Was the right target audience approached? Was the predetermined goal achieved? Are there parts that we should have drafted differently? We take a critical look at the entire campaign and provide possible areas of focus for the next campaign. Indeed, it does not have to stop at 1 campaign, but a combination of several campaigns is preferred.

Work out a plan together?