How do we make an animated video?

With a set roadmap!

Want to have an animated film made? Top Idea.

We are happy to help you in a structured way, so that we can achieve the desired result as efficiently as possible and within limited time!

We relieve you of as much as possible. But you remain architect of the videos, so at strategic times your input is very welcome.

Stappenplan animatievideo laten maken
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We follow these 6 steps.

1. Start chat

2. Voiceover

3.  Script

4. Style Images

5. Storyboard

6. Animation

1. Start chat

We listen and you tell us your plan!

During an initial meeting, we listen to your idea. Using smart questions, we arrive at a document that is packed with information. This document will form the basis of the entire video.

eerste gesprek bij het maken van een animatievideo

2. Voiceover

The audio forms the basis of the video.

Based on the information we get from the startup chat, our copywriter writes the perfect voiceover text. This is the text that will actually be audible in the video.

3. Script

Your video is ready on paper😉

The script is a document where we can tinker with the animation video together. It consists of 2 columns. On the left, we write the finished voiceover. To the right, we add at equal height what will be visible at the time you hear something.

The script allows us to visualize the video already perfectly.

script schrijven voor een animatievideo
animatiestijl bepalen voor een anmiatievideo

4. Style Images

We'll work out your unique style!

We now know what we want to show thanks to the script. During the next step, we will incorporate your corporate identity and style preferences into unique illustrations. We present these to you so you can make adjustments until we have found the perfect style.

5. Storyboard

The entire video in screenshots.

Now it’s really moving forward! We elaborate on the entire video in still screenshots. We know the style, so can immediately move forward in the right direction.

This phase is super important because everything is still stagnant at this point. We will continue to update everything down to the smallest detail until you are completely satisfied.

tekenen van het storyboard bij de creatie van een animatievideo

6. Animation

Your video is ready to go!

Now we’re going to animate the video. We do this in After Effects, with the utmost care. We provide beautiful transitions, royalty-free music and add the recorded voiceover to the video.

The video is ready! We are very happy to help you use it strategically and convince your target audience with it!

Examples? Sure!

Cliché alert: we can make anything….

At the startup, we look together at which animation style best suits your company or your message.
If you wish, we will match your corporate identity perfectly!

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Some references?

Video afspelen


For Garvis , meanwhile, we created a number of animated videos to explain their difficult services. Kristof explains how they have experienced the collaboration so far.


For Jimber, a startup with genius but hard to explain online applications, relies on Swift for videos. Kristof talks about how he feels about Swift.

Video afspelen
Video afspelen over Getuigenis animatievideo laten maken secury360


For Secury360, we were allowed to create both a B2B and B2C version of their animated video. Frederick explains how the collaboration feels.


Portapivot has developed an online tool that allows contractors to order a beautiful custom door. We were allowed to explain the operation in an animation video. Koen explains how the creation of this project felt to him.

Video afspelen over koen portapivot getuigenis tevreden klant swift

What animation style is best to choose?

Together we will make the best choice.

Want to know what animation styles you can choose from when we create an animation video?



Getting an animated video made takes between 10 and 30 days. That is, from startup to completion video.

Cutting deadline?

No stress! We’ll finish your animated film in a timely manner. We have already finished projects on 2 days.

Create an animated video together?