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Video afspelen over Tevreden klant l'exsellent
"All of the Swift team puts its heart and soul into our projects."


L’Exsellent and Swift? We go way back! A webshop with over 130,000 product variations, social media management for 2 different companies (L “Exsellent &, an animation video and campaigns to support events or important dates? For L’Exsellent, we get to pull out all the stops!

Alexander Schröer tells how they experience the collaboration and why they chose Swift.


Remotive already called on Swift several times. Initially for a vacancy campaign to fill the bottleneck positions of Field and Shop Technician (successfully!). Then for the animation explainer, tutorial video and testimonials for their administration flow app Reform.

Joelle Van Cantfort explains how the collaboration feels and which approach we chose for the vacancy campaign.

Video afspelen over Tevreden klant swift Remotive
"We received a lot of additional applications thanks to the job campaign!"
Video afspelen over Tevreden klant Carpe Clinic Elyne Cornelis
"At Swift, everything is always done to perfection."

Carpe Clinic

Carpe Clinic is joined by Swift in a Flex collaboration. We continuously monitor Carpe Clinic’s current goals/challenges and adjust our actions on an ongoing basis to meet the goals.

Elyne Cornelis told us about her experiences and the added value of Swift as a marketing partner at the very beginning of our collaboration.

Experts in Real Estate

Tom and Gunther of Experts in Real Estate choose a Flex collaboration with Swift. In addition to providing an online learning platform for the students of their real estate programs, we also regularly create trailer videos and teasers for their events. With thoughtful funnels and social media management, together we set the halls full of course participants.

Gunther De Wilde explains what change the collaboration with Swift has already brought about for them.

Video afspelen over Tevreden klant Gunther De Wilde Experts in Vastgoed
"Had I known this a few years ago, I would have started earlier."
Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
"The project went smoothly from introduction to completion."


Cosmolift is a Belgian distributor of Schindler elevators, a global player. We were initially allowed to create their corporate movie, which was shown in the Kinepolis cinema. Then, after this testimonial, we were also able to provide web-based support by creating a web platform that allows Cosmolift to create QR codes to make documentation of each unique elevator accessible.

Henry Zanzer after the creation of the corporate movie, explained how the collaboration went and why he loves working with Swift.


Portapivot offers customized door systems for professionals. They do this with an online configurator. We were asked to explain the ease of use of this configurator and Portapivot’s working method in an animated video.

Koen Dries talks about how we created this animation with Swift and how the process felt to him.

Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
Swift works proactively and their pricing is very correct."
Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
"At Swift, everything is always done to perfection."


Garvis Combines AI and data to let planners of companies make correct predictions to sales and needed stock. We were first allowed to explain their added value with a hybrid animation video (image and animation mixed). Afterwards, we were also allowed to explain their onboarding process simply with an additional animated video.

Kristof Geudens explains how the animated videos were created and why it is interesting to choose Swift.

One on One

For One on One’s corporate film, we went a step further. We had their perfectly written story read by none other than Carry Goossens, to reinforce the Antwerp character of One on One.

Judith Dillen & Ben Algoet explain how their corporate movie came about and how they experienced working with Swift.

Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
"Contact Swift if you want to bet on employer branding, marketing and online communications."
Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
"Ideal for all SMEs that want to give their business a new Swift;-)"


Stoka has been appealing to Swift for years. From their logo to the full website, everything was created by Swift.

Wieland Stoefs explains how the collaboration with Swift feels to him.


Jimber is an IT startup that creates web solutions for businesses to securely handle documents and passwords online. Their services are often difficult for their target audience to understand. Therefore, Jimber called on Swift 3 times to create explainer videos. Jimber now has its own unique visual identity and uses the illustrations from the videos daily in their social media posts.

Kristof Van Stappen explains how the animation videos came about and how he experienced the collaboration.

Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
Swift is young and driven + works in a professional manner."
Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
"Any entrepreneur who wants to get their story across quickly should be at Swift."


Secury360 has developed an innovative security solution to detect a break-in before a thief actually gets into the building. First we were allowed to explain how their tools work in an animated video for a B2C audience, and then for the B2B market as well.

Frederick Jacobs enthusiastically talks about the roadmap we went through and the flow of the entire project.

Butchery Jef

Butchery Jef called on Swift for the creation of their logo and branding right at their startup. First we created a website, which was subsequently expanded into a well-run webshop with quite a few upselling and cross selling functionalities. We also respond to important holidays with coupons and promotions.

Swift also photographed all the products for their webshop with the utmost care, and at the opening of their 2nd store we were allowed to make a reveal video.

Jef Desender himself explains why Swift is the ideal marketing partner for him.

Video afspelen over Tevreden klant van Swift
"We reach a much larger audience now than we did before our partnership with Swift."

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