Search Engine Advertising

Would you like to quickly create online visibility for your services or products? Then advertising on Google is for you. You make sure you get above the organic search results . This way you can efficiently get potential customers to your website.


What are the benefits of SEA?

Combining SEO with SEA is recommended to rank high in Google in both the short and long term. Yet SEA also has specific advantages.

Put your message in the right place

With each potential customer so!

Potential customers should be shown a relevant message before they will click through on the ad. So the texts of your ad must also be written catchy. Importantly, they must meet some specific requirements. Does it start to get a little Chinese for you from here? No problem, our advertising experts are happy to guide you through this process.

Roadmap for Google ads

When we launch Google ads, we always proceed as follows:


Keyword Analysis

We look at campaigns that may already be running and extract areas for improvement. Our experts examine which keywords are important to increase your online visibility and which campaigns need to be started.


Setting objectives

It is important to know what goal you just want to achieve with this ad campaign. Do you want people to subscribe to your newsletter? Are you trying to convince people to make a purchase? Is your goal that this potential customer will contact you? Based on these objective(s)
we can calculate a return of investment afterwards. This means that we
check how much the advertisement has brought you in relation to the
money you’ve put in.

Some campaigns may require additional landing pages
make up. These should be conversion-oriented and have the right
information and the appropriate call-to-action.

Website laten maken


Campaign(s) launch

We launch the campaign with the keywords and landing pages we have formatted. Optionally, we can also create a remarketing campaign
startup. That is, we are going to approach customers, who came to your site through your ad, again to convince them to buy after all.


Analysis and optimization

Campaigns have been launched. We monitor everything closely and analyze the results. Can we possibly adjust something? No problem, we optimize the ad to the ultimate result.


Visual Overview

After the campaign, of course, you want to know what that just got you. We give you a visual overview of the results achieved by these campaigns.

Work out a plan together?