Social Media Ads

Reach your target audience through targeting.

Fantastic, value-driven content is important to captivate your target audience today. But it is equally important to catch the eye of that target audience by advertising. In fact, organically, your social media posts reach only a small fraction of your followers. Individuals who don’t follow your company account won’t see your posts at all.

Advertising on social media is not expensive.

Spending advertising budgets is not always easy. You don’t know in advance exactly what the outcome will be. But with the right triggers and the right settings when targeting, you will quickly realize that social media ads are a worthwhile investment. So it’s important to get the right message to the right person at the right time and that’s just is what we at Swift are good at.

Social Media Advertising

Why advertise on social media?

Facebook Ads

Facebook reaches a wide audience, both B2B and B2C.

Linkedin Ads

Do you only work B2B? Then you might consider advertising on Linkedin.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is indispensable and we integrate it into almost every campaign.

Youtube Ads

On Youtube, we achieve great results with video ads.


Give your business visibility.

Your content is worth it!

Content creation takes time. You know that by now. So it’s also about rendering your valuable content. A dozen views and a few likes are not enough. Yet many companies must be content with those mediocre results. You reach only 2% of your followers organically on average. By advertising, you bypass the algorithm and reach your target audience efficiently and effectively.

Perfect targeting.

Social media platforms know exactly who belongs in your target audience.

If you know the interests and behaviors of your target audience, social media platforms can perfectly support you in the targeted delivery of your message. Social media platforms know a lot about each user. This is because they enter information on their profile, follow or like certain things.

Thanks to data such as age, social status, home and work info, leisure activities, interests, … you can use social media advertising to target and retarget very specifically.

By segmenting as best you can, you only pay to show your ads to your limited audience. So you’re firing targeted arrows at your target audience. Smart!


Roadmap for social media ads

When we launch social media ads, we always proceed as follows:

Strategisch Gesprek Bedrijfsvideo


Strategic conversation

During an initial meeting we sound out what you want to achieve with the social media campaigns and in what way. We will discuss the channels on which we can work and the message you want to convey. If you already have a marketing strategy in place, we’ll also look at connecting all of this to it.


Defining the target group

It is important to start refining your target audience. It’s finding a balance between defining your specific target audience, but that it’s still going to get the most conversions and the highest reach. The idea, in fact, is to spend as few pennies as possible on uninterested people.

On top of this campaign, we can also launch a remarketing campaign. This means that you are going to target the people who have already been to your website even more specifically. These people already know your products and so you can start targeting them specifically. We also know from experience that someone is more likely to interact with a supportive social media post or campaign.

Coworking space for business


Proper KPIs

Determine the right KPIs for your campaign as well. These Key Performance Indicators can be vastly different. Do you just want to focus on the visibility of your business? Are you hoping to achieve conversions or sales in particular? Are you more likely to want people to seek out contacts after seeing this ad? These things are important to consider before starting the campaign.


Determining your budget

Of course, ads also cost money, so it is important to agree on a budget in advance around which we will work. Based on the target audience and objective, we determine what budget would be required for the campaign to be optimally effective. Then we take into account the agreed budget and we also keep an eye on this during the campaign.

Professional development programmer cooperating meeting



The campaign is live!

The most important thing is still in front of us now though, which is to optimize the campaign. Throughout the campaign we can still make adjustments to the target group, possibly a redistribution of the budget, … We observe and discuss with you the best approach. All of this is hugely important information that we can then take to future campaigns.

Work out an advertising plan together?