Corporate film

What is a corporate film?

A corporate film is more than a sequence of images. It’s your signboard, your online business card.

A corporate video gives your business an online face and personality. Therefore, it is very important to elicit the right emotions from the viewer and tell your story clearly.

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Why have a corporate film made?

A corporate film creates trust and gives personality to your company.

77% of consumers say they will watch a video first and only then make a purchase. In addition, your corporate video is a quality barometer. Consumers rate the quality of your services or products higher if your corporate video is quality.

The benefits of video for your business?

You exist online when you deploy video
You have control over your image
You are open for business 24/7
You trigger emotions in the prospect

Who are our customers?

Step-by-step plan for a corporate film

When we create a corporate film, we always proceed as follows:

Strategisch Gesprek Bedrijfsvideo


Strategic conversation

During an initial meeting we sound out the objectives, the USP’s of your organization and we look for your unique company culture. We name the emotions we want to elicit with the corporate video and make sure we can make your personality tangible.


Write a script

Based on the information we glean from the strategic chat, we get to work writing the perfect voiceover. Our copywriter will create a story that triggers the desired emotions and tells your company story in a clear, straightforward way. Then we add a visual column to complete the script. We adjust this script until you, the customer, are completely satisfied.

Script opstellen



Showtime! Based on the script and our shot list, we’ll get to work with our video crew to shoot the footage for your corporate film. From FPV drones to steady cams and the latest lighting equipment, we have everything you need to create the most beautiful images and the right atmosphere.

Figures needed? No problem, we are happy to fix the most suitable candidates for you to choose from.



Finally, we edit the corporate film into a beautiful whole. We add appropriate royalty-free music and record a voiceover if desired. Depending on your purpose (social media, television, website, …) we export in the desired resolutions. The settings hold no secrets for our passionate video experts.

Social Media Expert



Making a top-notch video is 1 thing. Targeting him perfectly and getting him to the right audience is another thing. Our advertising and web experts are very happy to help you with this.

Work out a plan together?

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