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Recruit with video?

Finding suitable employees and bond with your company? Many entrepreneurs are currently failing to reach interested parties. Let alone convince them to work for their company.

However, today is a golden age, because more than ever there are tools available that you can use to focus on your target group targeting. How to do it. We explain that below. Tip of the hat: video video video.

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Why have video vacancies created?

By recruiting with video, you immediately give the interested candidate a perfect picture of the future workplace and company culture. Perfect for weighing in even before applying.

Are 100% text-based job postings passé?

Yes, for years...

When you are an entrepreneur looking for a suitable employee for your company, the first step is usually to open up a job posting on your own website. In it, dry long texts describe who is being sought, what you yourself have to offer and how contact can be made.

Cool, but no one is reading this.

Medewerkers aantrekken met video

Species seeking species

Deploy your own top employees!

What videos work best for a video job? Videos that give a perfect picture of the future work environmentthe real company culture and (mainly) the future colleagues. Think about who your ultimate collaborators are. Think about who you would actually like to duplicate. You put that person in front of the lens and have them tell you in a fun way about the fun work atmosphere at your company.

Someone looking for a job (or dissatisfied at their current job) will be more likely to be attracted to a video that features someone like them.

How to use video for recruitment?

When we set up a job search campaign, we always proceed as follows:


Strategic plan

During an initial meeting we sound out your company culture, the profiles sought and the focal points of the available job(s).

Based on the information we get from the strategic conversation, we get to work on creating the job posting campaign. We determine the number of videos we will create (employees that we will film).

By combining video with a strong landing page and social media, we significantly increase the success rate of the campaign. We discuss what any landing page will look like and what ads we will use to find the right employees.

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We come on site with our video crew and record all the videos from the job campaign. We do this quietly, with great empathy and with the utmost care!

Content creation

We edit all job videos into dynamic, contemporary videos that can be used on your website and social media channels. Ideal for the vacancy campaign!

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We integrate the finished job videos into the campaign by landing pages setting up and (if desired) ads run for the vacancy. We monitor closely and measure the results of the campaign.

Work out a plan together?

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