Product video

What is a product video?

Product videos make the difference when you sell products through e.g. a
. This is because when you sell online, the distance with the buyer is slightly greater.

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connection with the product
maximize, it’s best to have a product video made. In addition, you add
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Product video laten maken

Why create a product video?

Product videos increase tangibility and credibility.

A product video is for the consumer the proof that a product exists and provides a clear visual representation of what the product looks like in reality. You gain tremendous conviction and prompt the consumer to actually buy.

Research shows that 52% of consumers say that watching a product video convinced them to purchase a product.

The benefits of a product video?

You make your products tangible
You gain in persuasiveness
You get the full attention of the consumer
You sell faster and more

Roadmap for product videos

When we create product videos, we always proceed as follows:

Strategisch Gesprek Bedrijfsvideo


Strategic conversation

During an initial meeting we sound out the objectives and the USP’s of your product. We name the features we want to highlight with the product video.


Write a script

Based on the information we glean from the strategic conversation, we get to work writing the perfect script. We adjust this script until you, the customer, are completely satisfied.

Productvideo script
Productvideo shoot



Showtime! Based on the script and our shot list, we’ll get to work with our video crew to shoot the footage for your product video.



Finally, we edit the product video into a beautiful whole. We add appropriate royalty-free music and record a voiceover if desired.

Depending on your purpose (social media, television, website, …) we export in the desired resolutions. The settings hold no secrets for our passionate video experts.

Montage productvideo
Vloggen met een strategie



Of course we are happy to implement your brand new product video in your webshop. Our advertising experts can also guide you like no other in the perfect distribution of your product video to your target audience.

Work out a plan together?

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