What is a testimonial?

A testimonial is a testimonial from a customer. If a customer has recently enjoyed your service or product, you can ask them to canned an authentic response. Having testimonials created is not a luxury. It gives your company extra credibility, even at a prospect’s first introduction.

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Why include testimonials?

As a business owner, you are probably convinced of your product or service. You can still boast so much about your exceptional customer focus and quality requirements… A prospect will only believe you when it comes from the mouth of a customer.

The benefits of testimonials?

You gain credibility
You bring your company extra attention
You strengthen your bond with the customer
You also reach the network of the satisfied customer

Roadmap for testimonials

When we include testimonials, we always proceed as follows:

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Strategic conversation

During an initial meeting we sound out the objectives and the USP’s of your organization. We’ll discuss what words you want to hear coming out of your clients’ mouths at the testimonies.


Create questions

Based on the information gained from strategic conversation, we will work to draft the questions. We now know what output you would like to hear from your customer. By asking the questions correctly, we get the right answers.

(During assembly, we cut out our questions so that only the customer can be heard.)

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We put the client at complete ease and create a comfortable, stress-free environment. Through proper questioning techniques, we arrive at the desired output. Then we film images that reinforce the testimony.



We edit the testimonials into dynamic, contemporary videos that can be deployed on your website, social media channels and youtube. We create playlists and set all the buttons correctly so that the testimonials perform optimally in terms of SEO and visibility.

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Recording testimonials is step 1. We will be happy to support you in using the testimonials in social media and on your website.

Work out a plan together?

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