What is a vlog?

A vlog (“video weblog”) is a short video report that enhances the tangibility of your company increases. With a vlog, you answer questions from (potential) customers or give you a look behind the scenes (and an insight ‘into the moment’).

Often a vlog belongs to a series in which similar topics are treated . The quality requirements of a vlog are lower than for a corporate video, which is a casual and dynamic style yields.

Greentools Vlog

Why vlog with your business?

Vlogs give your business personality and credibility.

By vlogging, you expose the people behind your organization and give (potential) customers answers to questions that they may have. You make the viewer feel close to you and, in a controlled way, show your company from a side that is otherwise invisible. With vlogs, you are in control of what interesting information you want to share.

Recording vlog videos is also fun. By involving employees, you strengthen the bond among colleagues.

Google loves vlogs.

Web pages that contain a video rank higher in Google. By always adding a vlog to a blog, you’re reinforcing your SEO strategy. Youtube is – after Google itself – the most important search engine, so (subtitled) videos are hugely important there too!

The benefits of vlogs for your business?

You answer questions (FAQ) with a video
You come across very personal
You score higher in Google (SEO)
You create a modern and controlled image

What topics do you vlog best about?

By putting yourself in the shoes of your (potential) customer, you will come up with the best ideas. Answer pressing questions and provide insights that set your business apart from others.

Vloggen handleiding

In this guide, we'll share how you can determine the perfect topics for your vlogs.

Who are our customers?

Vloggen met ETC aan zee

ETC Aan Zee

Webshop met specifieke klanten rollen, met B2B prijzen en restricties per land welke producten verkocht mogen worden.
Vloggen met Tegeloutlet

Webshop Werkkledij

Met Willy van Tegeloutlet namen we al 10 vlogs op!
Vloggen met Vamos Immo

Webshop Butchery Jef

Met Jeroen namen we al 9 vlogs op (voor de greenkey)!

Roadmap for vlogs

When we create vlogs, we always proceed as follows:

Strategisch Gesprek Bedrijfsvideo


Strategic conversation

During an initial meeting we sound out the objectives, the USP’s of your organization and we look for your unique company culture. We name the emotions we want to release with the vlogs and make sure we can make your personality tangible.


Content Strategy

Based on the information gained from strategic conversation, we will work to determine the topics. Either you determine the topics yourself, or we determine them together during a Content Strategy Workshop.

Vlog topics
Vlogs opnemen met ETC



Using the content plan, we systematically canned vlogs. We do this in a thoughtful way so that the vlogs are multi-purpose on different channels (website, youtube, social media, …).

Which recording style(expert versus friend) is right for you depends on your desired closeness to the customers. We are happy to advise you.



We edit all vlogs into dynamic, contemporary videos that can be deployed on your website, social media channels and youtube. We create playlists and set all the buttons correctly so that the vlogs render optimally in terms of SEO and visibility.

Lexsellent Vlog montage
Vloggen met een strategie



Creating vlogs is step one. We are very happy to support you to perfectly use the vlogs on social media afterwards and to let your youtube channel flourish.

Work out a plan together?

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