Have a business tool developed?

A business tool comes in 101 different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s an online tool to use internally or a community to bring your customers together. One thing is certain, what we create will become a permanent fixture in your business.

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What is a business tool?

A business tool or platform goes beyond a standard web shop or website.

At Swift, a business tool is the rubric we give to a “next level” website or web shop. After all, the features of the platform have a big impact on how your business operates. In this category we place websites that are, for example, an online streaming service, a digital platform that provides information to installers, or an online course platform that houses information for both offline and online courses of. A business tool can also come in the form of a “plugin / link”, think about automatically importing or forwarding orders for a dropshipping system. It’s all part of the equation.

The benefits of having your own business tool?

Gives you a professional service
Facilitate or even automate processes
Fully customized for your business

Who are our customers?

Roadmap for a business tool

When we create a business tool, we always proceed as follows:

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Strategic conversation

During an initial meeting we sound out the objectives, and the function of the assignment. This way we can start working on your project in a structured way.


Draw up a scope

Based on our initial conversation, we get to work on drawing up a scope, carefully describing our working method and advising you on the various possibilities for working as cost-efficiently as possible.

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Let the magic begin! The compiled content will be converted into a beautiful design! Our Swift magic and marketing focused insights will ensure the best possible conversion.


Launch & Support

Your tool can be implemented in your company. Don’t worry we will guide you so that you can use your new tool optimally for your business. With the help of our videos we’ve prepared for you in your admin panel, you’ll be fully up to speed with how it works in no time.

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Work out a plan together?

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