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A new website or webshop is in the making, chances are you are not thinking about the importance of your hosting. Yet this can make a big difference. After all, potential customers drop out if they have to wait too long for information, and Google places great importance on the load time of your website. So, performing hosting is essential for the success of your website, so you better keep that in mind.

Moreover, a lot of hackers are targeting you online and by choosing a quality, reliable hosting, you won’t give them a chance.

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What is hosting anyway?

Hosting, it is and always will be a “weird beast” for many of us. Can you still see the forest through the trees? We’ll make it clear for you for a moment.

When we talk about hosting we are talking about 2 aspects. 1 Website hosting and 2 mail hosting. Both very important for a professional company. Hosting can be viewed primarily as a large repository where your website and emails will reside. Just like the data on a hard drive in your computer. Only it is publicly accessible through a domain name.

If this was to be all there was to it then it was very simple. You choose the cheapest hosting and done….
Unfortunately, it’s different. Properly optimized hosting is crucial, but unfortunately often forgotten.

Where does Swift make a difference?

No, our managed Hosting is not the cheapest on the market, but undoubtedly one of the highest quality. You will notice the difference immediately: in speed and in results. At Swift, we have a state-of-the-art solution, we provide 24/7 support, and we take the burden off you completely.

Through our managed hosting, we keep our finger on the pulse and if a problem arises, we provide a solution in no time. This way you are always sure of a website that is up and running. Forget the days of being sent from pillar to post and count on our hosting and support!

Optimal speed
Optimal safety
Optimal support
99.95% uptime guarantee

From our Swift hosting?

Litespeed caching

The fastest solution on the market, unmatched speed.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your website 24/7 and provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Backup System

Our backup system provides encrypted backups of your data up to 4 times a day!

Https encryption

Thanks to an SSL certificate, you can be sure of a secure data transfer.

Relay Server

Ensures optimal reliability of your mails.


We can perfectly track the speed and threats. This allows us to anticipate and/or adjust.

Main features
highlighted once again.

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Managed hosting service

The difference between managed hosting is that with normal hosting, you only purchase the hosting. We distinguish ourselves by providing a total service. For example, we keep your website technically up-to-date, we provide access through your website to a library of stock imagesto use and licenses for many advanced software packages that can easily cost 1000s of euros per year are included. Through our agency licenses that we provide you with, you quickly achieve a huge cost savings.

So our hosting is also only for websites that we create or take under our management.

6 layer security system

Security is top of mind with us! For example, our servers use a 6-layer security system that provides protection against numerous risks.

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Redundant backups

All your data is backed up periodically. These backups can be deployed with 1 click of a button for quick action. This way, your website will never be offline for long if something did have to go wrong.

In addition, we store all this data in more than 1 place. Thus, there is an astronomically small chance that any data would ever be lost.

24/7 monitoring

Our systems keep a careful eye on everything. For example, we monitor each website individually. If a website goes offline, we will know about it within a minute.

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Imap e-mails

Our managed hosting comes standard with mailboxes that we provide. Whether it’s transactional emails like a no-reply@ for your webshop or your own personal mail, Swift is the right place for you!

Our servers are connected to a mail relay server with an inbound and outbound filter. These filters monitor the reputation of your mails and thus ensure that your mails reach your recipient’s inbox!

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