The Swift Approach.

Seamlessly fit your needs.

Each company is unique. Uniformity in marketing kills. We listen to your specific needs and use our skills to seamlessly match them. Swift is not an all-or-nothing story.

At Swift it is  all or something .

To strengthen the growth of your business together, we would like to help you in a way that supports you. This ranges from single actions that fit into your own marketing team ‘s strategic plan to campaigns to achieve a specific goal.

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The magic?

It's in the combination of video, social media and web.

The Internet is becoming more and more video based. But every video serves a purpose, which we achieve by properly engaging social media. The final deal is usually closed on a website, your online signboard that must be accessible 24/7.

By making these 3 links work together in a proven way, we achieve your goals in the most efficient way.


We make your business visually appealing, tangible and personalWe tell your story and arouse interest with your target group.

Social Media

We give your business a consistent and credible sign on the social media channels that work for your industry.


Your website leads the prospect to a purchase or inquiry. We build your website and webshop according to the safest and most modern requirements.

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Michaël De Coster & Daniel Moereels

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Our mission?

"We enhance the growth of your business through better visibility and findability."



Specific video, graphic or website needed? Let's do it!

Do you have a perfectly crafted marketing plan? Looking for a party to work out parts of that strategy? Super!

Swift is your content agency to create what you need. No questions asked.


Together we achieve a concrete goal thanks to measurable content marketing.

Do you have a specific need? Within 1 delineated campaign, we deploy our insights, tools and marketing skills to achieve your goal.



The world's most flexible marketing collaboration.

As a 360° marketing partner, we set monthly schedules and work flexibly and dynamically toward a predetermined goal. After each month, we review which actions are paying off the most and what new tools we will create to work toward the goal. We work a set number of hours per month on your business.

With this collaboration we achieve the best results for entrepreneurs, because we respond to a changing market and the latest insights.

"Flex is like a suit that always keeps fitting."

Work out a plan together?